About Us

PHYTO-STEM rich in the living energy of plants

Plant ingredients are far safer, gentler and better for human health than synthetic chemicals. This is so because human beings 

have co-evolved with plants over the past few million years. 

Ingredients in plants, from carbohydrates, fats and proteins to 

vitamins and minerals, are part of our own body composition and chemistry.

Our passion for nature has driven our research into the most precious 

essential cells within the plant... the pluripotent Stem Cells. 

PHYTO-STEM is crafted from the infusion of all things pure in plant chemistry... going beyond certified organic and biodynamic.  

Through modern Plant Stem Cell science infused with the 

ancient wisdom of phyto-therapy, we are able to deliver the 

highest level of plant essences in a truly pure anti-aging skin care 



Welcome to pure natural cleansing without petrochemicals, 

silicones, artificial fragrances or harsh ingredients. 

To us, anything else simply can’t be called clean.

PHYTO-STEM ELIXIRS Our unique concentrates.

Pure Plant Stem Cells deliver the highest 

level of advanced phyto-chemicals  in 

their purest and most intense form.

With active concentrations up to 

1,000 times that of plants in nature.